Friday Night Live

At JaxPAL we believe that every child, teenager, and young adult in our community deserves the chance to imagine– and achieve– a better life. We know that, for many of the young men in our community, gang violence, drugs, and crime are the constant background noise of their lives. We also know that, for most of these young men, opportunities for positive alternatives don’t come around very often. That’s why JaxPAL strives to create as many positive alternatives, opportunities, and options as possible for the young men in our community, so that we can give them a fighting chance to break the cycle. It was with that goal in mind that JaxPAL created the Friday Night Live initiative. 

The Friday Night Live initiative is an after-hours, all-night open gym for young men aged 13-18. Throughout the night, the young men in our community are connected with male law-enforcement offices and other positive adult role models. Together, they fill those notorious “peak crime hours” with fun: basketball games and skills contests, video games, chess, and of course, food. 

Our goal is for the young men who attend the event to build lasting, positive relationships with law enforcement officers so that they can become successful, upstanding members of our community.