Lunch with a PAL

Unfortunately, we can’t squeeze all of the young people who need us into our four brick-and-mortar JaxPAL sites, although we wish we could! But that doesn’t stop us from reaching out into our community and bringing our mission to those who can’t come to us. Sometimes, you need to meet kids where they are. That’s the premise of our Lunch with a PAL program. We are taking the mission of creating positive relationships between law enforcement and youth beyond our service walls and out into the community.

During Lunch with a PAL, JaxPAL/JSO officers spend quality time with students in local high schools. We bring the lunch, they bring the talk. Our officers open a dialogue with students about the things that matter the most to them. Many times, kids know what they need– we just need to be willing to listen. So we facilitate discussions about topics relevant to them, such as dating violence, bullying, etc. We want our students to know that our law enforcement officers are invested in their futures, and we want our students to invest in them as well. 


JaxPAL is a place where I can come after school to complete my homework if my parents are at work and I have no where else to go.  I used to struggle trying to make the AB Honor Roll at school.  Now I am improving a lot.


PAL Afterschool Kid, Age 12