Youth Education and Success (YES) Afterschool Program


Registration for the 2016-2017 Youth Education and Success Afterschool Program is now open.

Registration is open for the Eastside, Northside and Westside afterschool programs sites. The enrollment fee is $50 per child (cash or money order only). Please bring a copy of your child’s last report card, birth certificate and the enrollment fee. In addition, a copy of the guardian’s state issued ID will be needed to complete enrollment. If the child being enrolled attends a charter school the last four numbers of the social security number will be required. Applications will not be accepted without proper documents. Registration is first come, first serve. Click here to download the 2016-2017 JaxPAL Afterschool Program Registration Flyer.

**Registration for the JaxPAL Monument Center is full.** 

If you have any questions, please contact Mary Bishop at (904) 854-6555 Ext. 315.



JaxPAL’s Youth Education and Success (YES) Afterschool Program provides at-risk children, between the ages of 5-14, a safe, structured environment during out-of-school time. The program is designed to help participants improve their life skills, develop positive self-concepts, and acquire the necessary knowledge and confidence to succeed academically and socially to become productive citizens.

A majority of the children served by the Police Athletic League of Jacksonville, Inc. (JaxPAL) live in some of our city’s highest crime and lowest income neighborhoods, where being exposed to crime, violence and drugs is a likely reality. Children living in poverty are more likely to struggle with reading, make poor grades, drop out of school and become involved in the Juvenile Justice system, than others.

Statistics also show that the hours from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. on school days are prime time for youth to commit crimes and experiment with drugs, alcohol and sex. Combine that with the fact that across the United States 15.1 million children take care of themselves after school; thus creating a formula for high juvenile crime — a formula that plays out in community after community, including Jacksonville.

Click the image below to view the 2015-2016 JaxPAL Afterschool Program Impact Report.

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TEAM UP Program

The TEAM UP Program is a special segment of the Afterschool Education Program. It creates a place where neighborhood, school and community resources “team up” to positively impact students, their families and the surrounding neighborhood. TEAM UP students have better attendance and promotion rates than non-TEAM UP students attending the same school. JaxPAL’s TEAM UP program is housed in R.L. Brown Elementary and Palm Avenue Exceptional Center. The TEAM UP Program at Palm Avenue Exceptional Center provides special needs children with fun and enriching afterschool activities.

Check back soon for registration information for the 2016-2017 JaxPAL Afterschool Program.

Education Program Sites:

JaxPAL Northside Center: Education Director: Mary Bishop |(904) 854-6555 Ext. 317

JaxPAL Eastside Center: Program Manager: Kowana Kaniaru |(904) 854-6555 Ext. 323

JaxPAL Monument Center: Education Director: Mary Bishop |(904) 854-6555 Ext. 325

JaxPAL Westside Center: Program Manager: Theresa Jackson |(904) 854-6555 Ext. 326

Palm Avenue TEAM UP: Program Manager: Jo Mansell | (904) 693-7516 Ext. 138



I enrolled my daughter in JaxPAL because I needed an afterschool program close to home, a place where I felt comfortable leaving her since I have to work full time. I have always respected police officers but this program made me more aware of all the dedicated people who make the program work. I am grateful and appreciative to all. My daughter is more outgoing and really enjoys being at JaxPAL and participating in the different activities.


PAL Afterschool Parent