Facility/Park Rentals

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JaxPAL Monument Center
3450 Monument Rd
Jacksonville, FL 32225
904.854.6555 Ext. 301

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JaxPAL Northside Center
2165 West 33rd St
Jacksonville, FL 32209
904.854.6555 Ext. 302

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JaxPAL Eastside Center
1050 Franklin St
Jacksonville, FL 32206
904.854.6555 Ext. 303

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JaxPAL Westside Center
441 Day Ave
Jacksonville, FL 32254
904.854.6555 Ext. 304

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Palm Avenue Exceptional Center TEAM UP
1301 West Palm Ave
Jacksonville, FL 32254

If you are interested in renting a park/field located near the PAL facilities, please fill out the form below.

Park Rental