Be a PAL


We know that the strongest communities are those in which everyone works together– that’s the foundation of our Be a PAL Campaign!

This year marks the 45th year of JaxPAL’s investment in the future of the kids in our community! At JaxPAL, our early intervention programs are located in some of our city’s toughest neighborhoods, where kids face a daily struggle against crime, drugs, and gangs. We provide these children and their families with the hope for a better future, and the support needed to achieve it. But we can’t do it alone. We need the support of community members like you to make sure that the kids in our community have the chance to realize their potential.

With your support, we positively impact the lives of over 3,500 children in our community each year! Through our education, athletic, teen leadership and outreach programs, we are working to equip our kids with the tools necessary to ensure that they become more than just their circumstances, and more than just statistics.

At JaxPAL we know that our kids and their needs are endlessly diverse– and so are the ways that we can support them! Time, money, and advocacy are all pathways to being a PAL! Volunteer as a mentor with our after school program, donate to support our programs, or share our mission with your support network! So choose a day, choose a way, and choose to BE A PAL!